Saturday, October 1, 2011

Notes of the Day

Some days like today, I'll just jot down a few thoughts that I have at the moment:

  • Such miserable weather outside - cold, steady rain/drizzle makes for an ugly day outside; on top of that, there is a Maryland football game against surprisingly 3-0 Towson Tigers of Division I-AA (my mom's alma mater)
  • Going back to that point, I saw a group of guys and gals heading to the football game decked in paint - have fun!
  • On the other hand, it's great to receive a compliment this morning on my musical tastes: During an emergency shift I had to cover around 10ish, I was playing a Maroon 5 song on Pandora. A resident walked by and said I had great musical taste! :)
  • I just ordered a 36x24 bulletin board for my World Map poster through Amazon (yay for free shipping!), so I can place thumbtacks/push-pins on locations that I have been to globally - problem is it won't arrive until LATE this month/early November! :(
  • I had a great day at the annual Maryland All-Nighter yesterday - listened to two acapella groups strut their stuff - an all-guys group (Generics) and an all-girls group (Treblemakers); got a free shirt that's 10X better than last year (AND IT'S PINK!!!) and saw a Cirque-de-Solei-like group perform in the food court
  • Thank goodness that my next exam is on a Thursday; originally, I was going to have five straight weeks of Tuesday exams :(
  • Then again, I'm more fortunate than others; one of my colleagues has two exams PLUS a ton of homework AND a quiz this week

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