Thursday, September 29, 2011

15th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64

You all remember this system, right? Well, today marks the 15th anniversary this video game system came out in the United States. The N64 is a CLASSIC, and I used to play it ALL of the time in elementary/early middle school (before the days of the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox and Wii/PS3/360 gaming consoles). Nowadays, college students like me reminisce about the times we used to play these games on this platform as often as we could. I remember the countless number of days playing Mario Kart 64 (like a bajillion times); Pokemon Stadium 2 (when there only used to be 250 Pokemon); and watching my friend play classic single-player games like Banjo Kazooie (the bird-bear creature game that tried to be like Mario), Donkey Kong 64 and, of course Super Mario 64. I cannot forget the original Super Smash Bros. game!

(I recommend clicking on the links - they link to Youtube videos of a commercial/gameplay of each game, which are each about a minute long)

What do you remember most about the N64?

--- Sidenote: How many of you guys recognized the new small tweaks to the Youtube videos? There is a speed-up/speed-down button to the left of the video quality button, and the full-screen mode just makes it full-screen to the browser size - NOT the size of the computer) ---

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