Monday, February 14, 2011

First Post! V-Day, HIMYM and Jeopardy

Hey guys. This blog, Thoughts of a Terrapin, will be my sister blog that deals with what I see and hear in a normal day here at College Park, Maryland. Most days, there will be a new post not only about what I observe, but also some pop culture mixed in-between.

For example, today is Valentines Day, and is also one of the warmest days of the year... how coincidental! :)

Because it's still winter, I saw many girls in pants and Uggs and guys in shorts + t-shirt + flip-flops. What an unusual combo - Uggs and flip-flops in February.

And, since it is Valentine's Day today, I consider it as one of the most overrated holidays of the year. The 'holiday' is just a celebration of love, chocolates, roses, and the colors red and pink - isn't that what anniversaries are for? Valentines day is one of those commercialized holidays, like St. Patrick's Day, that's more about buying and giving than receiving. This graphic from USA Today says it all:

Also, today is the start of the supposedly epic Jeopardy three-part series of two well-known Jeopardy champions (Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter) facing off against the IBM computer named Watson. My money is on Watson to win. I mean, how can humans compete against a supercomputer that knows everything?

Tune in to ABC today/tomorrow and Wednesday at 7:30 EST!

And for those that know me well, you know that there's a new episode of How I Met Your Mother airing today. Based on this preview, it's bound to be a good one!

And, for all you guys reading my blog, tonight's the big night! The annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl is revealed during the David Letterman late night show at 11:30 EST. Unfortunately, my favorite model, Bar Raefali, has been omitted this year...

I'm really disappointed she's not in the 2011 Swimsuit Issue...

Don't forget! Tomorrow is a new episode of Glee... and, in other news, it's going to be a whole lot colder in the Washington D.C.-College Park area tomorrow (high temperature in the low 40's)

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  1. haha...cant wait for the himym tonight! r u guys watching it on ur tv? might come watch it...and the jeopardy episode this week!
    Also...super warm outside today!