Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bieber Fever!

Justin Bieber has been everywhere this month, that February has turned into Bieber Madness! For example, on Super Bowl Sunday, Ozzy Osbourne and himself were involved in a Best Buy commercial that was one of the best this year.

The day after (Monday), he 'replaced' Jon Stewart on Stewart's "The Daily Show". Then, a week later (2/10), Bieber went to the Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel and had his head shaved off! (Ok, not really...)

The following Sunday (two days ago) Justin Bieber sang his two most popular songs - an acoustic version of "Baby, Baby", and "OMG" with mentor Usher.

And, just recently, I find out on Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks that Bieber's ringtone is set to Oklahoma State football head coach Mike Gundy's rant:

And, in response, the head coach himself put his ringtone to Bieber's "Baby, Baby":

To top off his celebrity status, the FOX hit television show Glee is set to have a theme in Bieber's honor in today's brand-new episode:

At the end of this week, after a whirlwind month, Justin Bieber is going to participate in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game with Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, Rob Kardashian (brother of the Kardashian sisters), Jason Alexander and Common, among other celebrities on Friday at 7 PM EST.

I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber (I am one of those Bieber-haters), but he is having one hell of a month!

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  1. omg! did u see beiber on CSI last night?! fuck him! he totally ruins the show every episode hes in! he was in the season premiere and his last one was last night! argh!