Saturday, November 19, 2011

What a Weekend - NCAA Style!

Where do I begin? From Friday's STUNNING upset of #2 Oklahoma State to the dismantling of one of the top Atlantic Coast Conference teams in Clemson - I have absolutely no idea of who is the #2 team in the land right now.

But Who Is #2?

Actually, I do have some idea - it's definitely NOT Boise State (weak, WEAK schedule, even with one loss), Clemson (has today's back-breaking loss in which they didn't even show up to play), Oklahoma or Oregon (both with two losses, despite their strength-of-schedule).

Using the current BCS standings, that leaves us with formerly #3 Alabama (10-1), #6 Arkansas (10-1), #8 Virginia Tech (10-1), #9 Stanford (10-1) and #11 Houston (11-0). All of these teams WILL rise in the standings based on the domino effect of losses this weekend. We can eliminate Houston and Virginia Teach being the #2 seed based on their strength of schedule - Houston has NOT faced a current top-25 team, and VT has only faced one in their division - Clemson - and lost to them.

That leaves us Alabama, Arkansas and Stanford. The Cardinal has only faced #4 Oregon (and lost). Arkansas has faced the Crimson Tide (and lost), #24 Auburn (won), #12 South Carolina (won), and will face #1 LSU in a CRUCIAL, PIVOTAL SEC matchup. Alabama has faced #21 Penn State (won), Arkansas (won, obviously) and lost to #1 LSU last week in a defensive dogfight, 9-6 in OT. They too face a tough SEC battle in the Auburn Tigers next week.


If, and I mean IF Arkansas beats LSU on Friday night, we WILL have a mess as to who will be #1. But we'll get to that bridge when we come to it. After today's CRAZY weekend, my take using deductive reasoning is that #3 Alabama Crimson Tide WILL BE the #2 team in the BCS rankings that are released later today - they have faced tougher opponents and have come up victorious outside of the LSU loss.


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