Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quadruple-Double Achievement

After probably a zillion games played of NBA Live 06 on Gamecube, I finally, FINALLY achieved a quadruple-double - a first in a long, long time. I was playing with an adjusted roster (I added players like Blake Griffin, John Wall and Kevin Durant as Create-a-Players) in the Sophomore-Rookie game in my dynasty mode - my starting lineup (Sophomores) consisted of Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, J.R. Smith, Josh Smith and Devin Harris. Yeah, I know, Blake and Dwight are NOT the same year, but that's how the game worked out. Well, here's Howard's quadruple-double stats:

No cheats were involved in getting a quadruple-double, and I was playing 5-minute quarters under the HARDEST difficulty; the whole game I just double-teamed their point guard (rookie Chris Paul) - yeah, the years do not make sense - into easy fast-break turnovers. J.R Smith finished with 57 points, 11 assists and was 6/9 from 3-point land.

Well, that was a good break - now onto more studying for an Astronomy exam on Thursday!

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