Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UMD - Did You See That?

I'm typing this post the day after Maryland released *two* of their new football uniforms + helmets in last night's nationally televised game against the Miami Hurricanes. I'll be talking (typing) about the *NEW* changes throughout the College Park campus compared to last academic year - not in any order. Don't worry, it won't be ONLY sports - I'll talk about the improvements/new facilities at and around Stamp and other places. I would REALLY appreciate any comments from students and others about what they think is different from previous years.

Let's go!

Maryland Football Jerseys

The majority of the media/public may not like the jersey combos, but I love them (all BUT the double-red and anything that goes with a yellow jersey). Under Armour did a great job deciding to come up with new jerseys as a new head coach was entering the fold.

251 North

 I have been to the *NEW* north campus diner twice this semester, and I have loads to say about the facility. I liked the idea of having the North side go once a week (mandatory) at a discounted rate, but dislike the fact that the South campus only being allowed to go 4 times at a discounted rate. The food here is EXCELLENT - so good that I have boycotted The Diner for good. The last time I went to the old Diner was on August 22 - 16 days ago and counting. What surprised my roommate and I was, why cant the Diner have just as good food as the 251 Diner - from the everyday steaks, WARM pasta and various other food made to your tastes. I dislike the fact that it's ONLY open from 5:30 - 8:30 PM ONLY on weekdays; they should have the occasional *special* holiday dinner opening on the weekends, simply just extend the hours to 10:00 PM on weekdays or open the Diner during lunchtime hours on the weekends.

The Stamp Sidewalk

You all most probably remember going up that hill/sidewalk/asphalt road against the baseball field leading up to the Stamp Student Union, right? Well, the asphalt got replaced by concrete, and they added a MUCH-NEEDED sidewalk behind the stadium. There would be many times where I would tippy-toe on the edge of the path, not wanting to walk on the dirt path or walk on the edge of the road behind Stamp.

University Book Center

Remember this bookstore? Well, it got revamped this year - for better and for worse. The flooring got replaced over Spring Break, and most items got shuffled around (i.e. Caps got moved to the right of the entrance; no sight of a jersey - football or basketball; dorm supplies got removed from ground floor [replaced by girly University of Maryland outfits]; and the art supplies are at the front of the ground floor)

The *Brand-New* Oakland Hall

If you haven't made the trip to the new dormitory, I HIGHLY recommend it if you are in or around the Denton Community. I work as a Community Assistant (CA - the guy that mans the front desk) there, and have a room w/ a roommate there as well. As soon as I entered the building for the first time, it was "hotel-like", with the plush cushions, the VERY nice carpeting in the lobby, the touch-screen television and a large front desk. I haven't even mentioned the gorgeous bathrooms or the fact that there are 2 study rooms (each with their own whiteboards) AND two lounges AND a laundry room ON EACH FLOOR!

TV's in the ERC

I tweeted this a few days ago. I'm SO relieved that TV's got installed in the cardio section on the top floor of the Eppley Recreation Center (a.k.a. the campus gym). In past instances of going to the ERC, I would have to bring my bulky 30 GB iPod Classic with me, and most times than not it would slip out; the other issue is that I would rather watch TV (esp. something like college football) rather than listen to music as I work out. It's nice that I just need to bring my lightweight headphones the next time I head to Eppley. :)

Notice anything else on campus that has changed since the Spring 2011 semester? Please email Sameer (sameermalla@gmail.com), tweet (@skinsballr), Facebook message or simply comment on this post with your findings. 

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