Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fear the New Facebook Layout!

Now that everyone has transitioned to the "semi-new" news feed layout on Facebook, I am here to say that that change was just the proverbial TIP OF THE ICEBERG! I can't believe the number of people FREAKING out over such a simple MINOR change to the News Feed, when they really haven't seen the real deal.

Supposedly, the new layout will come at the start of next month (OCTOBER 1), and will look drastically different, so different that many will now migrate to Google Plus. You've seen the current layout - description of yourself on the top, a five-page collage underneath, and then the long-running Recent Activity underneath - all in a vertical fashion.


NOW, the layout will be HORIZONTAL, with your "Cover Photo"/Profile Picture taking up THE ENTIRE SCREEN - I kid you not. Now, instead of the current three-column layout, there are only two - with both columns filled with your recent activity (instead of the one-column scroll-all-the-way-down look for the "Recent Activity" section). Mr. Zuckerberg is emphasizing the new profile page "Timeline" layout, where the middle bar is a timeline separating the two columns - initially VERY confusing if you are trying to find certain content on your profile page.

Like how one commenter on Mashable noted:
"These changes will make or break the Zuckerberg’s empire. Some Facebook users may try or tried Google already, and some are just reacting but staying on Facebook."
Drumroll, please...

*NEW* Facebook Layout:

So, what do you think of the new changes?

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