Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Think About the Last Movie

Unless you have seen the LATEST Harry Potter movie - Part II of the Deathly Hallows - do NOT read this post!

Now, to my thoughts of the latest and greatest Harry Potter movie of them all:

  • The beginning started off very, VERY slowly - when the Warner Brothers logo appeared in slo-mo, I thought the movie would last until the early hours of Sunday morning
  • It had the perfect amount of action and emotion - although the main chaotic fighting scene had as much action as a Michael Bay-directed film
  • Speaking of emotion - I felt like crying on the drive back from the movie - after seeing the 19 years forward epilogue, I realized how far this series has drawn us, Harry Potter geeks - from book-to-book, movie-to-movie, and book-to-movie-to-book
  • The whole audience (incl. me) clapped/laughed at certain scenes, such as when Neville Longbottom sliced Nagini with the Sword of Gryffindor and when Molly Weasley (mother of Ron and Ginny) proclaimed: "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" to hated Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange
  • We all thought it was so sweet when Ron and Hermione kissed for the first time
  • Since I am talking about that scene, I'm GLAD they included that scene in great detail (Hermione's destruction of the "cup" with the Basilisk fang), because it wasn't as dramatic in the book
  • I read chapter 24 to the end of the Deathly Hallows book on my flight to El Paso in one setting, and 10 days afterward, thought the movie covered the book to almost a "t". There were a few scenes here and there that they missed (such as no actual mention of the "trap' in the Hufflepuff common room when one of the Carrows walk in) 
  • There were certain scenes in the movie that would look awesome in 3-D, such as when Harry tosses the bowl of the pensive away from its pillar 
  • I will DEEPLY miss this series IMMENSELY. We ALL grew up with this book - I was in middle school when I first started reading, and read ALL of the books at least 2X or 3X each
  • Every year (or every other year), I looked forward to the blockbuster movie of the year - the latest Harry Potter movie, so to see it end after Part II will leave a gaping hole in my yearly movie plans
My Grade:
I think we will all have deep, fond memories of this series (note - I am not saying 'books' because of the movie-part of the series) but it's very sad that all of the books and the movies have now come to an end.

Colin Covert, a movie critic for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, said it best: "The final chapter ends with an epilogue that puts a lump in your throat and makes you want to watch them all again from the beginning. That's the definition of a classic."

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