Friday, April 8, 2011

My Opinion on Art Attack

As of 9 PM EST yesterday, SEE (Student Entertainment Events) at the University of Maryland finally released their much-anticipated artist/band that would highlight the annual Art Attack at Byrd Stadium. The winner was...DRUMROLL, please... Nelly.

When I first heard late last night that Nelly would be the singer, I was shocked. Out of the possible artists (such as the Goo Goo Dolls and Kid Cudi, among others), Nelly was chosen. He was a safe pick... only if he was presenting five years ago. He's one of those artists that were past his prime, and newer artists, such as Kid Cudi or Mac Miller, would bring in a larger audience/fanbase.

I'm disappointed that Nelly was picked by SEE - this year's concert will not match last year's of Ben Folds and Weezer - and both didn't disappoint me. I probably will attend this event, but my hopes are really low - unless there's a surprise at the event.

Even some of my Facebook friends were displeased by the result:

"Is ANYONE going to Art Attack this year? I don't understand who would have even recommended Nelly..."

"Mixed feelings about the choice. I probably would've been more excited in 2003."

"Nelly at Art Attack. PFT. Guess I'll just work security or something."

"Now if Nelly just does songs before "Over and Over," this could actually be pretty awesome...given the right level of drunkenness"

"There were much better options than him"

"uh...nelly? really?"

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