Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rebecca Black's "Friday" - It's so Bad, it's Good!

So, if you haven't heard the latest viral video, then I MUST show it to you right now:

Yes, it's a disaster on ALL levels. First off, the lyrics are horrible! I mean, which person does NOT know the days of the week? I thought Monday came after Friday. And, what's with the indecision of where to sit in the car?

Secondly, terrible, and I mean terrible autotuning on all counts. A girl her age (must be in middle school) should not have to autotune her voice. Only Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are allowed to do that, since it makes their songs sound decently good.

This is what I thought of doing when I heard the song yesterday

Now, for the positives... the only two possible pluses is that now she is a celebrity a la Antonie Dodson and Justin Bieber, and that she'll be a pun in late night talk shows today and for the rest of the week (Tosh.0 has already covered it).

Btw, as of 4 PM yesterday, she had 2 million views on Youtube. I checked again at 8 PM (3.7 million) and again now (6.5 million).

--- Sidenote: I did reference this video in my exam today, since the question was on how social media has had a positive and negative result in today's society ---

That's today's news in a nutshell. Too bad Rebecca did not post the video on a Friday!

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