Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India is Going to the Finals!

I don't pay attention to the sport of cricket, but since it's the World Cup, I thought I would give it a try. And after reading a long article on ESPN, I have finally understood 70% of the rules of my home country's premier sport - just in time for the biggest match for India - the World Cup semifinals against their archrival, Pakistan.

This is bigger than Cowboys-Redskins; bigger than Red Sox-Yankees; and WAY bigger than UNC-Duke and Ohio St-Michigan COMBINED, since this match was 30 years in the making (it's been 28 years since India last won the World Cup in cricket).

Although the game started at 5 AM EST (2:30 PM in India), I watched bits and pieces from 7:30 AM onward - and I noticed one main thing - our pitching was OUTSTANDING, and much better than our heralded offense. We held the Pakistan team to only 230 runs compared to our 260, with their highest point total by a single player being about 60 runs (equivalent to 20 ppg in basketball).

With the victory, we face Sri Lanka for the right to become World Cup champions early on Saturday morning (same time). Hopefully, we'll defeat the country to the south of us - I'll be definitely tuning in.

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