Monday, March 21, 2011

The Best Medley of All-Time

The Australian comedy rock/pop band "Axis of Awesome" has done it again. If you remember during the summer of 2009, the band released a video titled "The Four Chord Song", and it was a big hit, including a medley of songs, from "Pictures of You" to "You're Beautiful".

As of two days ago, there was an event in the United Kingdom - Red Nose Day - in which they recreated their hit medley - this time including songs by the now-famous Lady Gaga as well as a reference to the Double Rainbow. Take a look:

In case you want to know the four chords they are referring to, the chords are: (Piano keys in parenthesis)
  • E Major (E + G# + B)
  • B Major (Low B + D# + F#)
  • C# Minor (C# + E + G#)
  • A Major (A + C# + E)


  1. Uh... a C# minor chord is (C# + E + G#). Also, there's a B in an E-Major chord (E + G# + B).

  2. Thanks, David. It has been corrected.