Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am currently watching the Oscars/Academy Awards while I am studying for tomorrow's exam, and, surprisingly, both are a snoozefest, for the most part. However, there were three moments that shocked and awed me in the 2011 Academy Awards. The opening skit was cute - how actress Anne Hathaway and actor James Franco incorporated themselves in several 2010 movies - and another famous actress uttered the F-bomb (uncensored) on national television. And, last but not least, the autotune was awesome.

First, here's the skit:

Then, there's the F-bomb by Melissa Leo. She was a supporting actress that won an Oscar for her role in "The Fighter", and was using the word in a positive manner:

Here's the autotune, the second-best moment of the Oscars (just behind the Opening Skit):

And the Tweet of the Day goes to Michael Gluckstadt. Actor Jeff Bridges announced all ten nominees for Best Female Actress in a Motion Picture, and Michael said (or should I say, 'tweet'):

And, how many dresses did Anne Hathaway wear to the Oscars? I think, at my last count, she was wearing her eighth dress during the nominees for Best Picture for a Motion Picture. 

As for the studying, the terms for tomorrow's exam are pretty straight-forward, but there are a lot of definitions, such as: the importance of greenhouse gases; how the air moves in the atmosphere, based on the PGF and Coriolis forces; and the difference among transpiration, evaporation and evapotranspiration. To me, these questions are easy - for your information, the class is AOSC123: Causes and Implications of Global Change.

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